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Customize your own silicone wristband perfectly here. Various style, different size, your loved color and personalized msaage make it the most unique one that only belong to you. Design your own online and own the amazing wristband now.

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Message on Wristband
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Wristband illustration

* Text will be max size on bands.

* Color of message will be same as bands.

* Internal message will always be embossed.

* Internal message is slightly raised and that cannot be in different color.

* The actual colors will be translucent and cloudy(shade of color you select).

* The wristbands will ONLY glow in green color.

* This picture is only for reference as the actual band will have random mixing of colors.

* Blending/Mixing of 2 or more colors most likely to produce 3rd color, we will not be responsible for it.

* Segmented style is more recommended over swirl as the colors are more random & bleeding of color can be noticed.

* Quantity less than 100pcs are made by laser cut process,bands made by this process have the text slightly engraved.

* Free bands are duplicate of the original order and they are evenly distributed among the colors or sizes you order for.

* Keychains are for attachment purpose cannot be used as a wrist band.

* Custom font will be used.

Additional extra 18 character in front message.

Additional extra 18 character in internal message.

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Step 5
Extra Wristband Options

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