• 1.Bracelet chain is only one style now just like the picture show.

  • 2.We now only support 5 or 7 beads design. The seven light-colored beads on the chain is just an example for your reference.

  • 3.The Lock (stopper beads) can be added to each end of any group of beads to secure their placement on the bracelet. You can choose with it or without it. Both ok. But we suggest you choose the lock beads to fix the beads position and prevent bead loss.

  • 4.Beads selection area is below the chain and now we provide 142 styles beads for your choice.

  • 5.Press the left button of the mouse and drag the beads you like to the placement on the chain.

  • 6.Just drag the new bead to the target position for replacement, very easy. Or you can delete it then choose the new one again.

  • 7.Want to reset? Click the red delete button mark on the lower right of the chain. Only one step.

  • 8.Click continue to check the bracelet you designed on the lower of the page and if you want to design more, just click DESIGN MORE back to design others. But if your design is finished, then you can check them and click add to cart to the checkout process.

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Magic and Interesting Stainless Steel Bracelet Design

What are locks?

Lock can be added to each end of any group of beads to secure their placement on the bracelet.Bangles come with nuilt-in locks.

With Without

Detachable chain easy for further DIY
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