Gothic Headband

 - A Gothic headband is a type of hair accessory commonly worn by individuals who follow the Gothic fashion style. The Gothic fashion style, stemming from the Gothic subculture that originated in the late 1970s, is characterized by dark, often mournful and romantic aesthetics.Gothic headbands vary greatly in design and can be minimalistic or elaborate. They often feature black or other dark colors and materials, typical to Gothic fashion. Some of the most common elements found in Gothic headbands include skulls, roses, lace, ribbons, chains, feathers, and gemstones. It's not uncommon to see Gothic headbands made of leather, velvet, and satin.Antique silver or brass metalwork, in form of crosses, filigree, or other ornamentation, may also be included in the design of a Gothic headband. Some Gothic headbands even take the form of miniature top hats, crowns, or horned headpieces for a more dramatic look.
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