Hair Claw Clips

 - Hair claw clips, also known as claw hair clips or jaw clips, are hair accessories that are used to secure and hold sections of hair in place. They are named 'claw' clips due to their design, which features a hinge at one end and teeth or 'claws' that close together to grip the hair. Typically made from plastic or metal, claw clips come in a range of sizes, colors, and styles. Some are small and discrete, perfect for holding back a few strands of hair or securing a braid, while others are large and strong enough to hold a full bun or thick ponytail. Some claw clips are very plain and practical, while others may feature decorative elements like jewels, pearls, or intricate designs. Using a claw clip is you gather your hair into the desired position, open the clip wide, position it over the gathered hair, and then release the clip so it 'bites' into the hair, holding it securely in place.
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