Lava Bead Earrings

 - Lava bead earrings are unique pieces of jewelry that utilize beads made from cooled, hardened lava. These beads have a unique texture and look due to the cooling process of the lava. They tend to be black or dark brown in color and have lots of small, irregular holes and divots in them. Lava beads are porous, meaning they can absorb essential oils. This makes them popular for use in aromatherapy jewelry. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the beads can allow you to enjoy the scent for several hours or even all day. In the making process, the beads are typically strung onto a wire or cord, which is then attached to an earring hook or post. They can be styled as a drop or dangle earrings and can be paired with other beads or gemstones. The result is a stylish and natural-looking pair of earrings that bring an earthy element to your outfit.

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