Lava Pendants

 - Lava Pendants are unique pieces of jewelry made from lava stone, also known as volcanic rock. Formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava, the stone has a rough texture which creates an earthy and organic appearance.The pendants often feature pieces of lava stone that have been carefully carved or drilled into various shapes, like circles, hearts, or teardrops. Some may also feature a more raw or uncut fragment of the rock. They may be plain, allowing their unique texture to stand out, or may be adorned with additional design elements like metal accents, crystals, or other gemstones.One of the unique features of lava pendants is the stone's natural porous surface, which can be used to hold essential oils. Just a few drops of an essential oil on the lava stone and the pendant can be used as a personal diffuser for aromatherapy throughout the day.
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