Phone Wire Hair Elastic

 - Phone wire hair elastics are a type of hair ties that resemble the cord of old-fashioned telephone handsets, hence the name. They are also known as spiral hair ties or coil hair ties. They are often made of smooth plastic and they loop around your hair like regular hair ties, but their unique coiled design helps reduce the amount of pressure applied on your hair, which can help prevent breakage, kinks, creases, and hair damage. They also distribute the pressure of the hair tie more evenly around your ponytail, making them more comfortable to wear and reducing headaches often caused by tight hair ties.Phone wire hair elastics are also great for all hair types, easy to clean, and they don't absorb water, which makes them a great choice for workouts or swimming. Available in a variety of fun colors and sizes, they can also be worn on the wrist as a cool and funky bracelet when not used in the hair.
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