Sterling Silver Bead Tip

 - Sterling Silver Bead Tips are valuable jewelry findings used for camouflaging knots in your beaded designs, most commonly at the ends of bead strands or pearl necklaces. They offer a neat and professional finish, enhancing the overall look and durability of your piece.Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, these bead tips exhibit a luminous sheen which adds a touch of glamour to your jewelry. This precious metal is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also resistant to wear and tear. As they will often be included in contact with the skin, sterling silver is an excellent material choice for its hypoallergenic properties.Bead tips consist of a rounded, hollow design with two metal halves and a small hole at the top. To use them, a knot or crimp is made at the end of the beading thread, which is then placed inside the bead tip. The two halves are then closed around the knot and the small hole can be used to attach a clasp or jump ring.
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