Wig Clip

 - A wig clip is a type of hair accessory that is used to secure a wig in place. These clips are typically made of metal or plastic and are designed to be easily concealed underneath the wig. They have "teeth" or "combs" that are designed to grip onto the wearer's natural hair or a wig cap, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Wig clips can greatly enhance the overall experience of wearing a wig because they provide added security and peace of mind. They prevent the wig from slipping or moving out of place during daily activities, and they can also help to maintain the desired style of the wig.These clips are generally sewn or attached to the inside of the wig at strategic points. Some wigs come with the clips already attached for ease of use, while others require you to attach them yourself if desired.To use a wig clip, you simply slide the comb portion into your hair or wig cap where you want the wig to sit. Then, you flip the clip portion over to secure it in place.
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