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Testing Reports

1.Simple introductions about lead, cadmium and nickel

Lead is a metal which is toxic at very low levels of exposure. It accumulates in the body, so that regular exposure to even very low quantities may result in harmful levels which can badly damage intellectual and behavioural development of infants and young children. Lead content in jewelry has been restricted by the REACH Regulations. Cadmium is also a toxic metal. It is potentially a very harmful element and needs to be controlled in industrial applications. The use of cadmium in metal jewelry products, plastics and paint is restricted by the REACH Regulations. Nickel has been used for many years because of the physical properties it bestows on an article of jewelry. For example: When a rough casting is made it can be over plated with nickel and made very smooth. A product's strength and durability are both increased by the addition of nickel. Precious metal alloys are mixtures of several metals chosen for color, strength or hardness. Nickel added to gold may bleach it thus producing a white gold alloy.

2.The European Union Standard

(Suit for any individual part of jewelry articles, imitation jewelry and hair accessories ).

Element Limits
Plumbum(Pb) <500mg/KG
Nickel(Ni) <0.5ug/cm2/week
Cadmium(Cd) <100mg/KG
Hydrargyrum(Hg) <1000ppm
Chromium(Cr) <2mg/KG

Jewelry articles includes:
Bracelets, necklaces and rings
Piercing jewelry
Wrist watches and wrist wear
Brooches and cufflinks
Chains, anklets
Button, rivets, zippers

3.Why should the public be concerned about it?

Nickel has been known to be the most common source of skin allergies. The reaction to it could range from a simple appearance of itchy, or blotchy red rashes to a more severe reaction characterized by wheals, pus formation and at some cases causing deformities.When detected early, this can be easily remedied by removing the nickel-containing article and a dose of an anti-histamine medication but in severe cases, this requires a more intensive medical intervention.

4.What do we mean by describe like 'lead, cadmium and nickel free'?

A.Lead, cadmium and nickel's content in jewelry article is meet the EU standards
B.These jewelry do not bring any harm to your skin, you can feel free to wear them
C.We have the test report for your reference(see following)

5.Testing for Metal Findings & Jewelries

Attached please refer to the testing reports which show the metal finding is nickel, lead & cadidum free, based on Reach Regulation.

Testing for Plastic beads

6.Examination Charge

We also can offer examination reports of the products you ordered if you require for your customers or
government, the charges for examination are:
For plumbum examination US$ 100 / product
For nickel examination US$ 50 / product

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